What knot to do: How to tie your tie

A shirt and tie is a traditional combination that never really fades in male fashions. Each season the collections tumble out from designers and it’s rare that you don’t see a tie or two – this Autumn/Winter they were notable in a number of collections, E Tautz, Richard James and Hackett London, to name a few.

Whether you typically wear this combination for working life, luxury London hotel events or almost as a routine second nature (a real life ode to James Bond), we have written a specialist step-by-step guide of how to tie the perfect knot, ensuring you’re every bit refined contemporary, classic and confident.The Draycott_What_Knot_to_do

Step 1: Place the tie around your neck. Start with the wide end of the tie on your right and extend it about a foot below the narrow end. Remember: the width of your tie should be in proportion with the width of your torso and shoulder, balance is key.

Step 2: Cross the wide end over the narrow end and then back underneath.

Step 3: Continue passing around the wide end across the front of the narrow end once more.

Step 4: Passing the side end through the loop you’ve formed.

Step 5: Then hold the front of the knot, loose slightly, with your index finger, passing the wide end down through the loop and in to the front.

Step 6: Remove your index finger and tighten the knot slowly, by pulling carefully and sliding up to your collar. Also, remember to hold the narrow end of the tie with one hand while sliding the tie upward with the other. You can continue to tighten while pulling down; this will possibly take time to adjust and neaten up.




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