Chelsea’s Seven Undercover Secret (Agent) Hotspots

Check no one is around you and come a little closer to the screen. If you aren’t familiar with Chelsea, it is one of the most aspirational boroughs to own a property in London; so much so that Chelsea has become renowned as one of the world’s most expensive places to live. With the latest Bond movie set to drop later this month, we thought we’d draw attention to some of Chelsea’s undercover secret locations often missed by tourists.

From celebrity hangouts to typically British parks and gardens; these seven places certainly provide double-the-oh amounts of tranquillity and style, while at the same time helping you maintaining a low profile.

  1. Little Chelsea Fish Market is a quaint and peaceful eatery placed on Hollywood Road. It celebrates freshness with fish delivered daily from the English coastline. With only 40 seats and a small garden, this little beauty is definitely a place to keep top secret.
  1. Chelsea Physic Garden is the epitome of serenity, romance and sophistication. With over 5000 varieties of plants, it prides itself as London’s oldest botanic garden. Many locals choose to get married here and niche bands are always gracing the lawns for small intimate gigs. Check out what’s happening before you travel and be sure to book tickets in advance unless you’re happy just strolling around the gardens.
  1. Bluebirds Restaurant, just off Slone Square is where you’ll find a ton of celebrities eating salads and catching up with their other celebrity friends. If you are fortunate enough to be seated nearby, you can hear from them first-handily how fewer calories you need to consume before you can fit into a size zero dress. Regular diners include Kate Middleton and the cast of Made in Chelsea.
  1. Proud member of the Mantis Collection, The Draycott Hotel has been renowned as the overnight pit stop to star sleepers, so much so that they vow not to ever publicise the stays of any of its celebrity clientele. With its own fleet of chauffeur driven cars and complimentary Champagne at 6pm, this five star London hotel is the gem in Chelsea’s crown jewels.
  1. If you’re a cocktail guzzling spirit specialist, you must seek out the Chelsea Prayers Room disguised within GOAT restaurant and bar. While the challenge of finding Chelsea Prayers Room may appear tough, choosing a cocktail from their impeccable menu will be far more difficult.
  1. Food shopping may seem like a chore but a chore no more at Partridges Labelled as the Queen’s own grocers, Partridges holds a delectable food market every Saturday in the Duke of York Square. Start from 10am until 4pm, it’s a market not to be missed.
  1. Like Bond, taste is essential if you’re planning on meeting intelligent likeminded individuals for compromising happy every afters. The 606 Club is the place to do this. As one of the best places to enjoy Jazz in London, The 606 Club is tucked away and hidden giving it serious vibes of exclusivity. You arrive through an usual metal gate which makes you think you’ve rocked up somewhere you’re not supposed to be (sooo Bond), then you edge your way down to the basement where all the action happens. Booking is recommended.



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