The Draycott Hotel Launches Flowery Cocktails for the Chelsea Flower Show

A true Londoner will already know where we’re going with this, but with the Chelsea Flower Show around the corner, here at the Draycott Hotel, we decided to celebrate with series of floral themed cocktails.

We have been making preparations for a series of floral themed cocktails to serve our guests throughout the week of Chelsea Flower Show.  During our usual complimentary 6pm champagne service we’ll also be offering a range of cocktails, from the classic G&T with a floral to the perfect Pimms that comes laced with delicious fruits. Here the full list of what we have available:


Using a wild hibiscus flower to provide a vibrant colour and intense flavours, this rum daiquiri is formed around the flower itself and served over ice. This version is a particularly sweet, thanks to the natural hibiscus syrup giving it that special, flowery tang.


As the Chelsea Flower Show is in full bloom, lavender can be smelled all around the showgrounds and so it’s only fitting that we’re adding it to a classic Tom Collins cocktail. Adding this floral element provides a well-balanced and refreshing cocktail.


Nothing says summer quite like a mojito, but adding in the tarty, cranberry-like flavour of hibiscus gives it something a little more special. Combined with the freshness of mint leaves and mixed with zesty lime juice, this cocktail really is a treat for the tongue.


From the Garden of Eden to the Chelsea Flower Show, we have the Wild Hibiscus Adam and Eve martini. This slightly bitter drink is garnished with hibiscus blossom and a maraschino cherry, providing a welcoming contrast to the vodka and apple puree cocktail.


Borage is a stunning plant which grows quickly and provides us with many months of beautiful blue, star-shaped flowers. The blossoms have a mild and refreshing cucumber-like taste and make the perfect partner in crime for a jug of Great British Pimms.


Chamomile is a small, white, daisy-like flower. Commonly known for its use in herbal tea, both its leaves and flowers are edible. It is believed that chamomile has the power to reduce stress as well as possessing calming properties. In addition to this, chamomile looks stunning when served scattered in a glass of light and fruity English sparkling wine.


Member of the Primrose family, cowslip’s vibrant yellow leaves have a mild, sweet flavour.  When using Grey Goose vodka, it has the potential to add a whole new level of sophistication to a Porn Star Martini, Bond-style.

Lavender CocktailLAVENDER (MUNSTEAD)

Fancy a gin and tonic with Hendricks? If so, move over cucumber, lavender has taken your place. Renowned for its healing powers and tantalising scent, lavender is a dark horse when it comes to creating a mean G&T and also gives a gentle purple shimmer to your glass.


These are the most popular form of edible flower and even if you haven’t heard of it before, there’s a big chance you will have come across one. Available in a variety of different colours, viola is incredibly versatile. From garnishing a classic Chelsea Side-Car to pint of Fullers IPA; you name it, with viola anything goes.

If you want a taste sensation, then why not book the five star Draycott Hotel near Chelsea Flower Show? We are ideally located a short walk away from the RH Chelsea Flower Show grounds and during your stay the floral festivities will continue, with floral themed afternoon tea, cocktails and a 20% discount at Richard Ward to all our guests.

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